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Who we are

Our Background

Draft Horse Classic 2018, Team Photo

That's Wendy in the middle with the blue overalls, she's the founder of our little family ranch and the drive behind why we do what we do.  Paul is in the back to her left (your right) two spaces in the blue and black shirt with the tan hat, he's the maintenance lead and sponsor for the ranch.  Danie and Christopher are in front to Paul's left (your right), they're our kids and daily support.  The rest of the team here is made up of friends and family that support us during Draft Horse Classic each year, this is our biggest event competition. Left to Right : Justin, Ally, Aunt Becky, Wendy, Cousin Les, Cousin Lauren, Paul, Danie, Christopher, and Kevin.



Yes, I said driving, but it's not what you think.  Driving is having a horse pull a carriage like this one.  That's Wendy driving Liam, our Clydesdale Stallion, with our friends during the 2018 Christmas season.  We take a carriage out to the Fab 40's of Sacramento to see the Christmas lights.  Currently we have 3 horses trained to drive and are working on adding more.



Wendy and Danie performing during the California State Fair 2018.  We perform every night of the State Fair in Sacramento, each year is something different.  For 2018 the ladies were the circus ballerinas as part of "The Greatest Showman" performance during the weeknights.  We also support several non-profits and therapy groups as well as compete in local shows.

About Each of Us



Yeah, that's a horse in the back seat of a truck. Get to know more about Wendy here



I thought these were horse people, why's this guy on an airplane?

Our Critters


Meet all the critters of our ranch.